FiveBy Facts

Leadership team

FiveBy was established in 2010 with the aim of helping companies navigate and understand how their products and services are used by their customers. The FiveBy leadership team brings together a wealth of proven IT Industry experience with a diverse set of professional backgrounds and skills across the company.

Alex Kochis

President & Founder

Alex is a former Director of Product Management at Microsoft where he helped develop the software industry’s largest antipiracy program. A recognized industry expert on software and content piracy, he has managed FiveBy since its founding in early 2010.

Alex Park

Principal Consultant

Alex has been leading execution of FiveBy anti-piracy and anti-fraud programs since its founding in 2010. He specializes in the alignment of tactical execution with program strategy by leading teams in the development of business analysis, business intelligence, and business operations.

John Solheim

Chief Commercial Officer

John is a tech industry veteran with leadership experience across multiple industries, and is a former Sr Director of the Microsoft OEM Supply Chain team, where he led distribution via OEM partners. John’s 30+ years in leadership spans from tactical to CEO roles with expertise in Operations, Finance, Strategy and Channel/Business Development.

Why FiveBy?

The name FiveBy originates in radio communications, both military and amateur, where a five-point scale is used to measure both signal strength and also transmission clarity. A reading of ‘five-by-five’ would indicate perfect signal strength and perfect clarity. A shortened form of this expression is ‘five-by’.

Our values

FiveBy’s values are key to ours, and our client’s success. Every FiveBy team member embodies these values when working with our clients.


FiveBy team members are dependable, through and through. When we commit to a task or project, we can be trusted to deliver. We can always be trusted to act in good faith, with a high level of integrity and unwavering professionalism.


We strive to make each interaction with a client into a partnership built on mutual respect and the sharing of ideas and perspectives. We are active listeners and proactive communicators. We help others put their best foot forward through adaptive communication and working styles.


FiveBy team members are never done learning new practices, technologies, and perspectives. We are eager to learn from those around us, share our expertise and integrate new ideas into a broader understanding.

Working with FiveBy, you can expect to be working with adaptable problem solvers, conscientiously collaborating and curious to learn more about your business.




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