Detection of Homoglyph Domain Spoofs

Don’t Let Your Eyes Deceive You

The SANS Institute reported that 95% of all cyberattacks begin with social engineering – tricking people into disclosing sensitive information to a source they believe to be genuine. Many social engineering attacks use homoglyphs — characters or letters that look alike — to create usernames, emails, or other unique identifiers that are visually similar to legitimate addresses, usernames, and domains.

To better understand the infrastructure of cybercrime and the tactics of attackers, FiveBy performed a study on homoglyph domains associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This paper focuses on the following areas:

Section 1:  What is Homoglyph domain spoofing?

Section 2:  Case Study – COVID-19 Homoglyph Spoof Detected, December 2020

Section 3:  Applying this knowledge to other scenarios

Download the paper here


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