One-Click Sanctions Compliance

Compliance at Scale – Expertise Meets Technology

Complying with today’s volatile sanctions and anti-money laundering regulations is more challenging than ever before due to the speed of growing requirements and the severity of penalties. Since the invasion of Ukraine, US sanctions on Russia have skyrocketed, with over 2,500 new Russian-related targets added to the Treasury Department’s SDN list. Engaging with these entities or their subsidiaries can lead to penalties, investigations, negative publicity, and business disruption. However, identifying these affiliates scattered across the globe can prove to be a challenge on its own.

FiveBy has partnered with ThreatSTOP, a cloud-based automated threat intelligence platform, to offer an automated, customizable OFAC compliance enforcement solution called One-Click Sanctions Compliance. FiveBy has incorporated its extensive research on sanctioned entities and their related subsidiaries into ThreatSTOP’s deployable network solution that easily integrates into your existing network devices – including DNS servers, firewalls, routers, and even your endpoints.

FiveBy and ThreatSTOP’s solution automates compliance with OFAC sanctions regulations by automatically blocking and reporting machine to machine connections with sanctioned countries, entities and subsidiaries, as well as invaded and seized territories such as Crimea and the Donbas regions in Ukraine.

Take control of your compliance efforts with automation that offers expert SDN list entity and subsidiary research and the flexibility to choose which countries and sanctions regimes you want to keep or block connections with.

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