Risk Assessment Services

Introducing FiveBy Risk Assessment Services! Developed as an additional offering alongside our bespoke consulting solutions, these services are offered as turnkey packages, on demand and tailored to requirements.

‘We did not have the capabilities internally to perform the kind of research FiveBy analysts did for us. Language capabilities and getting access to foreign data sources, both of which FiveBy has, are obstacles for OBD. We are willing to pay for the value we receive, and the information FiveBy provided confirmed some issues, gave extra insight into others, and provided independent clarification and analysis on questions we had’

Kit Perez, Brand Protection Manager
OBD Solutions, LLC

What are FiveBy Risk Assessment Services?

Ensuring compliance in high-risk geographies and lines of business is a key concern for all companies. The consequences of disregarding sanctions, policy, and other financial regulations are significant. Failure to act can impact a company’s reputation, privileges, and bottom line.

FiveBy offers three levels of expert, informed assessments on subjects, delivering the next level in understanding compliance and other risks. FiveBy Risk Assessment Services are offered on demand and tailored to requirements, delivering a wealth of information that can be used to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding sanctions and compliance risk.

With regulators increasingly expecting companies not just to use the tools at their disposal, but also to investigate further to ensure they are not in violation of sanctions laws or financial regulations, deeper research is often required. FiveBy helps meet these expectations by delivering customized intelligence into areas that could impact reputational risk. Ideal for organizations requiring additional research, needing help to meet urgent requirements, or with limited ability to further assess derived data, FiveBy’ s expert assessment services are offered at three levels:

Standard risk assessment

This level offers broad insight into reputational and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) risk by providing deeper understanding regarding company structure and ownership based on regional business registries and tax databases, and local and national media reports. It provides a broad view into possible business partners, and insight into if deeper research is required.

ENHANCED risk assessment

Building on the Standard Risk Assessment, this level also includes detail on a company’s corporate structure, shareholders, ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and other information that could present a regulatory or reputational risk. This level of assessment can be customized to include specific questions and provides information on additional red flags on money laundering, reputational risk, and possible regulatory red flags. Ideal for multinational corporations, high profile companies, and firms that have foreign partners and resellers.

COMPREHENSIVE risk assessment

Building on the Enhanced Risk Assessment, this level provides extensive expert evaluation fully customized to requirements, including in-depth research into ownership location, business activities, history of sanctions evasion, links to criminal activities, and suspicious transactions. This level also flags possible regulatory changes and provides an assessment for future business. Ideal for multinational corporations concerned about business partners, supply chains, and foreign subsidiaries’ activities.