Have you thought about data as an opportunity?
Do you understand how your customers are using your products?

Our experts can:

Analyze your business to understand specific causes of concern

Build solutions to address issues found

Provide recommendations for optimum implementation, including program development and rollout

Know Your Business

FiveBy helps you gain clarity and insight into how your products and services are used, abused, or potentially at risk.

Grow Your Business

FiveBy’s managed service offerings bring expertise, proven processes, and custom tools that help protect your reputation and business.


Gain new levels of insight into the users of your products and services. FiveBy experts identify undesirable behaviors such as piracy, fraud, and compliance issues—including government sanctions and money laundering—in order to reduce risk.


Achieve end-to-end understanding of how products and services are being used or misused. Our experts follow specialized analytic techniques that include supply chain and marketplace analysis, hardware and software investigations, as well as anti-counterfeiting, threat assessment and remediation services.


Accelerate turning new insights into new business opportunities, growth areas and go-to-market transformation. FiveBy managed services offerings provide support on development of new business processes, launch plans, and ongoing operations.


Stopping Chargeback Fraud

Contacted by an online gaming provider with concerns about fraudulent use of their platform, FiveBy delivered an immediate incident response including a full assessment of fraud against the business.

Additional analysis of past and current incidents led to a deeper understanding of commerce flows across the platform and pattern recognition for fraudulent vs normal use. Modeling fraudulent behavior enabled FiveBy to develop proactive counter-fraud solutions that have now been successfully deployed worldwide with no negative impact on growth. FiveBy’s work has proven beneficial, with significantly decreased chargebacks and decreased fraudulent payouts.

Furthermore, the team is now helping to develop a petabyte/day-scale reputation system which can be used to raise or lower security friction in real time, enabling the client to repel fraudulent attacks as or before they occur, with minimal disruption of legitimate customer experience.

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Supply Chain Security for Hardware

Aware of our previous success with fraud analytics, a multinational gaming company engaged FiveBy to develop a supply chain security solution for their internally developed hardware products. FiveBy kicked off the project by assessing security risks at all phases of the device lifecycle from inception through distribution to retail and customer usage.

To minimize losses, FiveBy unified data from various silos across multiple feature teams and provided deep and actionable insight into how products were being exploited. By implementing the recommendations, the client has been able to surface, identify, and address current piracy incidents and gain insights to inform improved security controls in current and future hardware products.

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Addressing Software Piracy through Process Improvement

Working with the Anti-Piracy Services team in a multinational software company, FiveBy led the analysis of fraudulent product key distribution and activation to reduce the use of non-genuine and fraudulent software.

Prior to FiveBy’s involvement, the team used disparate analytical techniques resulting in inconsistent results. Working with the team, FiveBy was able to optimize their methodology and develop streamlined and efficient reporting, including a volume license reporting tool that enabled the client to quickly assess levels of piracy across multiple product lines. The improved approach led to an annual reduction of millions of dollars in piracy losses and improved our client’s industry leadership in customer trust and safety.

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