What We Do

FiveBy is a specialized risk intelligence consultancy with unique expertise in risk and fraud management

Companies and organizations contact FiveBy when they see risks related to fraud, abuse or compliance that could affect their reputation, their ability to support customers, their intellectual property, or their bottom line. FiveBy provides unique insight and experience to transform these risks into opportunities. Our tech and business savvy, and our proven track record, means you can rely on us to address those risks enabling you to focus on your day to day business.

Whether you work with FiveBy on an assessment, to address a one-off incident, or to create robust processes to address future risks – we’ll always be in your corner. We stay ahead of the game, so you don’t have to.

Key focus areas


Whether it’s responding to a coordinated or opportunistic attack, or developing a broader strategy to address issues related to fraud, piracy or abuse, FiveBy will work with you to find the optimum solution.


The consequences of disregarding sanctions compliance and other financial regulations are significant and can affect a company’s reputation, privileges and bottom line. FiveBy can provide the support clients need to meet those compliance requirements.

Our Expertise

FiveBy has unique data and insights expertise when it comes to fraud and abuse, compliance and due diligence. We know how and where to find the data, how to interpret the data, and how to correlate the data to provide insights that expose areas of fraud and risk. We can then provide recommendations, reporting, and dashboarding that helps our clients address problems before they occur.

Sound PMO methods are critical to the success of every engagement FiveBy does. Project management provides the ‘connective tissue’ aligning resources and driving progress to agreed goals. Often when first working with a client, we find perceptions of fraud and risk differ across teams – we’re able to connect the dots and build sustainable and effectiveness processes and programs – whether building programs from scratch, or delivering improvements for existing processes.

Typical projects FiveBy has done over the years include:

  • Delivering an end-to-end solution to address software piracy at a major global software firm—including market analysis and segmentation, development of the engineering solution, program management, go-to-market planning and launch.
  • Building new anti-fraud capabilities for a major gaming platform provider including new security measures that enabled them to respond to coordinated and opportunistic attacks on their platform, thereby decreasing instances of fraud, chargebacks and associated activity.
  • Implementing a fully managed solution for a US tech giant to provide sanctions due diligence research, including deep-dive analysis on possible sanctions evaders, assessments of evasion methodologies, and sanctions policy analysis to protect the company from illicit actors and regulatory risk.


FiveBy works with our clients to implement solutions that meet their specific requirements. We work in structured engagements that are adaptable to your needs.

We work with you to understand your concerns, the risks and issues you are facing, and your expectations.

We respond with a solution that meets your needs. That could mean an assessment, in-house FiveBy support or creating a custom process to meet your requirements.

We can provide a range of solutions—whether it be expert advice, consultants to fill knowledge gaps, or an outsourced tailored solution​.

Some examples of work we have done


Contacted by an online gaming provider with concerns about fraudulent use of their platform, FiveBy delivered an immediate incident response including a full assessment of fraud against the business. VIEW CASE STUDY


Aware of our previous success with fraud analytics, a multinational gaming company engaged FiveBy to develop a supply chain security solution for their internally developed hardware products. VIEW CASE STUDY


Working with the Anti-Piracy Services team in a multinational software company, FiveBy led the analysis of fraudulent product key distribution and activation to reduce the use of non-genuine and fraudulent software. VIEW CASE STUDY


Working with the risk intelligence group in a multinational tech corporation, FiveBy was able to identify red flags and methodologies used by local resellers to circumvent embargos, and provide guidance on how to prevent this in the future. VIEW CASE STUDY